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Watch This Space 19/10/2009
With Burley picking up mainly home points and a few draws from the top four teams of the premier league dont rule them out to stay in the league for next season. Top bet odds on Burley for home wins and draws.
Top Scorers - 21/10/2009
With the bookies running scrared this season look out for your top scorers to score anytime at even money prices, you cant go far wrong with these bet predictions.
PaddyPowers Lastman Standing

Top Goal Scorers to watch

1. Darren Bent

2. Fernando Torres

3. Jermain Defoe

4. Didier Drogba

5. Wayne Rooney

6. Louis Saha

7. Robbie Keane

8. Gabriel Agbonlahor

9. Nicolas Anelka

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Worldcup Predictions

Soccer Predictions

100 Million Challenge with Titan Bet

April - Our Newest added Predictions Promotions Competition


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$100 Million Prize - An incredible $100,000,000 prize is on offer to whoever correctly guesses the 64 match results of this summer's 2010 World Cup games in South Africa.


$1 Million Prize - In the event that no contestant is able to guess the results of all 64 matches, a guaranteed prize of $1,000,000 will go to the person scoring the closest number of correct predictions.



Bonus Prizes - Dozens of exciting Million Mania prizes will be awarded to participating contestants.




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Premier League

Worldcup Predictions

So you think you know your football? if you have what it takes to predict who is going to win games then give it a go. 100 million pot up for grabs if you can predict all the results for the worldcup.
Teves Shot

How it works

To play simply predict the result of a game eg South Africa win vs Ghana and keep going. Even if you dont predict all the results correctly dont worry you will still be in for the 1 million pot.

Goals and Scores

We will be updating soon with a live scores service for all our users. A = Yes it will be free.Check back for updates.

All live action

We will be listing the goals as they happen when the kick off is happening we will have a live feed for scores and results
Wayne Rooney

Its all in the game

We have joined and even if a few thousand people enter the prize pot will stay the same. All winners and results will be posted by Titan.
World Cup Favorites
  • 1 BRAZIL  with 45 points
  • 2 GERMANY with 40 points
  • 3 ITALY with 38 points
  • 4 ENGLAND with 37 points
  • 5 PORTUGAL with 35 points
  • 6 HOLLAND with 35 points
  • 7 SPAIN with 32 points