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Lastman Standing - 10/10/2009
If your looking to play against other people. Join lastman standing where you pick one team per week and go through a knock out process until you are the only one left standing
PaddyPowers Lastman Standing

We are in it - 06/10/2009
As you can see Paddypower is not shy in paying out. Once a winner is verified they pay you out. Simple. Do you have what it takes to be the lastman?
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Bet on virtual Soccer

Join Silversands
Roulette Betting Promotion
Simply sign up your account and open the virtual sports area within silversands virtual soccer area and select which team or score you would like to bet on and place your bet.

Poker Free Bets
It is timed at about two minutes of game time and goals are fast and furious. Virtual soccer is quite new to many countries and markets out there today.

Rugby Betting Info

it is a fun and different way to play and bet on virtual soccer either when there is no other football games to watch or bet on.

wayne rooney Live in Play Betting

If you would like to try something different this would be what we would choose over other virtual sports.

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virtual soccer Online
Virtual Soccer

Betting on vitual soccer

Virtual soccer at silversands is generally the same as you would bet on normal soccer.
horse racing

Live virtual betting

Betting on virtual soccer can range on teams from Manchester United to Chelsea as well as reserve teams that are in play.

Virtual Goals

Users join from all over the world and bet and play at silversands Virtual soccer and games.
Teams choice

Games and variety

There are many types of teams to choose from and bet on eg chelsea vs sunderland and manchester blues against manchester city .

Odds 35/1 Cant beat em

Roulette playing is a age old simple game. You get odds of 35/1 on a straight etc .. quick and fast games played all the time.
virtual soccer Promotion