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Poker Points
An example that would beat pairs would be a straight. This means you would have as an example 1 2 3 4 5.
Earnings and points
This is a straight and can only be beaten by matching hearts or clubs straight etc. Pkr poker have a wide selection on how to play poker.
Rewards - Tournaments
Screen shots are a preview of what you can expect to look like when playing actual poker games.
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1. Get daily free rolls

2. 10 cent sit and goes

3. Points tournaments

4. Weekend tournaments held

5. Roobertas Castle

6. The Masters $100,000

7. The Open $10,000

8. Aussie Classic $5,000

9. Omaha Showdown $4,000

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Poker cards All poker tables are monitored in a strict and fair envornment. If there is any dispute a quick support team is at hand. When playing poker your games will be live, you can join free or play poker for real money.

Poker Poker playing
How to play poker hands. The type of hands at poker you would be looking to get would be pairs. Poker playing would be pairs to a straight flush and a royal flush.

Full Cards Hard to use and getting started?

Its quite simple in that if you have a pair of threes you will beat a pair of twos. Paired aces beats all other pairs of poker hands.

Cihps Cards South Africas getting action

When playing poker online this is very different to playng poker across the table from in the life poker playing.

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Poker and betting rules

All tournaments will begin promptly at the scheduled start time When two players remain, the button will post the small blind and be first to act. .

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The software keeps tables balanced in terms of player numbers throughout the tournament .
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Our selected poker partner of choice. PKR ticks all the boxes here. Create your own unique player and get started .
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When signing up you can create your own unique looking player to join and play others.
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Pkr have seen a great influx of SA players recently joining. Hopfully we will see one of them on tv soon .
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